20 thoughts on “Computer building LIVE! i7-8700k, Gigabyte Z370, Intel 660p M2 NVME SSD, 16GB Gskill RAM, Hyper 212

  • T c

    pcie nvme was necessary to edit 4k video in full quality without lag on my unit about 2 years ago. I'm not sure what it might have been like had I had the 1080ti installed before I put the 960 pro in for read/write editing in premiere pro. FYI anyone out there trying to install nvme ssd –> make sure you're getting pcie and not m.2 … they look identical and will install in the same slots but performance will be massively different most likely.

  • brian carlsen

    i like the way he explain the things for people so its so much easy for people too understand i have build some system but too day is so long time ago i have build a system and i welly like too have some help whit my pc build but nice Carey holzman that wii have a guy like you <3

  • Nathan Seaberry

    good job.

  • Tony wallow


  • Frank James

    People actually complain that you allegedly make money off a computer build or repair? What is this world coming to when you are doing honest work and people are happy with your service that you provide yet people make accusations that you just might be turning a buck…!!! But wait here is the kicker as he stated he doesn't make a profit off the customer he gets money from youtube only when people view the video of the work he did. Amazing as I always say people are usually worried about the wrong thing.

  • Zugie01

    thanks for mentioning the socket cover and mobo warranty. i did not know this.

  • Hianuy Esperidiao

    Hello, how are you ? I'm thinking of getting a 8700k I saw at the end of the video or a little closer to the end hahah that this cpu cooler had a good result would you recommend it? Would I always get temperatures below 65 degrees?

  • Disembodied Michael

    I have no idea how I got here but I’m glad. I can’t understand a word you are saying but I can just tell by the way you react to your community that you deserve a subscriber.

  • Timothy Summers

    Hello from the UK Timothy

  • JelllyFishPuke

    Fell asleep, ended up here, started watching for hours , it's so calming to just watch and listen¬

  • Clouded

    Watched the whole thing

  • Prosper Kasse

    Thank you very much for the video Big hugs we love it

  • Talos Valcoran

    I'll be watching your channel in the future. Thanks for explaining the cooling paste part. I am saving money to build my own high-end gaming PC.

  • Zachary Millsap

    …not a techie but caught myself binge watching your program…love your style, keep doing good for the 'peoples'…thanks…

  • Pelabuhanratu cyber


  • Long N

    Well done Carey. Thank you for your time, effort and detailed explanation!

  • Michael Goode

    Here over in the UK I found Carey on YouTube last week. Over the past few days I have updated my 20 years old knowledge (I used to build and repair PC's in the eighties and nineties) and also got the free upgrade to Windows 10 tip which works! I used it on a 2011 Acer laptop which is running without issues (using it to post here in fact) and I have a desktop machine to sort in the next few days.

    I owe you Carey and hope to catch you on a live broadcast soon.

    Thanks very much indeed – you are a true gentleman.

  • Thomas nuway.

    I Like the way you build computer, you take your time, i like that.

  • Bogdan Ionut Novac

    I hate that cooler with a passion, the mounting bracket is just idiotic, look at it, it's allways crooked, it won't stay in one place. It is quite cheap, so I guess you win some, you lose some. Win value, lose simplicity in mounting.

  • Katharina vom Dach

    I love what you're saying at 1:12:20 about being tired about all the high polished videos on youtube and that you want to be more real. .. This my first visit on your channel and that was the moment i hit the subscribe button. ..and YES, Windows Millenium was fantastic.

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