Cloud Retail POS Software Demo | POS Nation

Cloud Retail POS Software Demo | POS Nation

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hi this is Samantha with POS nation speaking with you today to tell a little bit more about our retail cloud-based solution the cloud-based solution is ideal for a modern business owner because you can access it from anywhere your phone your tablet your home computer also allows you to manage multi-site businesses very easily control inventory between them allow employees to work for at multiple locations and have your combined reporting the solutions also just very feature-rich and easy to use so go in and show you a little bit more about our setup here the normal retail setup would be the all-in-one touchscreen computer a cash drawer receipt printer barcode scanner and our keyboard for businesses that are a little bit more mobile or need to move around the store we have the tablet option as well so from this screen we'll go ahead and login I'll choose our manager employee each employee is going to have their own login and with that you'll have personally set security features and do that with an employee ID code or with a swipe card once we're logged in from this screen you're able to fulfill a transaction we can start by scanning our POS nation mug any item that you don't want to scan we have our user to use touch screen can break this down by category ideal for businesses that don't have a barcode on every item perhaps a vapor store that has lots of small pieces I'll choose our Bombay Sapphire gin and there's a great reminder for alcohol and tobacco sales to check the idea of your customer once that's completed we can review our order make any edits that may be price discounts or quantity so let's go ahead and add a second coffee cup once that's completed you can click pay from this screen we can select our payment method this software is and be ready to take the new chip cards we can select our quick keys for cash and close out the order you have a receipt printed out with your custom logo store information and a barcode at the bottom this barcode is useful for us to look the transaction back up for any returns or refunds one side scan that the order will populate back on the screen I can delete any items that I don't need to edit and then we can return that coffee cup click our refund key and we'll close it out to cash also from this home screen we're able to access a few reports ideally you'll be using this during your part of the day where you're closing out and closing the till go to our admin selections and close till this report will generate some information that tells you about your sales for the day the types of tender you collected and then general sales that are breakdown of sales sales by product and sales by category can also see you sales by employee to help you know who's driving your business also voids as a security feature we can print this and have that information quickly to take away or pass on to a manager two additional features on our checkout screen is the ability to update your stock and manage customer programs under stock you can edit that receive stock or even look up to see your current inventory levels to do things on the fly without having to jump to your back-office under our customer section we can track customer programs and promotions each customer will have their own information you can even use their email addresses and phone numbers to stay in touch and generate sales so now we can take a look at the back-office side of the software where you can generate your reports the nice part about the back-office is that you can generate these reports and access this information from any device so it may be your phone tablet laptop the main screen of your back-office will beat your dashboard you can customize this to show you information about your sale but also information about your inventory so we'll scroll through see a few of these visual reports can keep track of your margins your sales transactions for the day and even your low stock items we can click directly into this report to go ahead and generate a Pio and reorder these items from this screen we'll see exactly what those items are and can continue that process we also have a variety of sales reports to help you see what's moving you can sort that by employee by the time even by brand and category to help you in your analysis although the software is easy to use we do offer 24/7 support you can call or submit a ticket electronically directly through the software one of my favorite features is the guide me feature if you have a quick inquiry and need to know how to get to a portion of the software that's where you'll go click on guide me and then we can input a keyword term to help us find that procedure and then it's going to guide us click by click to complete that thanks for tuning in to learn a little bit more about our cloud-based retail software the software is again going to be ideal for busy business owners because you can access it from anywhere great for multi location businesses because you can combine your reporting transfer inventory even share employees between the locations give us a call at POS nation to learn a little bit more about this software and how it can uniquely fit your business needs

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