C.H.I.P.: The World's First Nine Dollar Computer

C.H.I.P.: The World's First Nine Dollar Computer

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I'm Gustavo I'm the hardware guy at next think oh and we are working on chip world's first nine dollar computer chip runs a flavor of Debian Linux and that lets you run all sorts of programs from Libre Office to your favorite sort of game emulators all sorts of things it's a real computer you can plug it into a monitor and do things with it so chip has video out through a composite jack and this TRS port you can also adapt it to HDMI or VGA for a few bucks more so you can plug it into a standard receiver monitor plug it in to microUSB power it add a keyboard and mouse or a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and get going so chip nine dollars so cheap because we're using the same components that are on a bunch of budget tablets so that lets us buy in very large quantities the chips are available parts are available and the cost comes way down because of it so this is pocket chip pocket chip is the handsome companion to chip it's basically a monitor and keyboard that chip snaps into it it adds a battery so you can carry it around use the Wi-Fi that's onboard with chip and basically do your computing anywhere you want to go responsibles so positive people are really excited about it people are almost caught off guard like what do you mean it's nine dollars you know what am I gonna do with a nine dollar here and that's a real question that we want to ask is like yeah what are you gonna do with a nine dollar computer all sorts of things all right we love bananas bananas are for scale so that you know how tiny chip is bananas are also full of potassium and good for you

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