Blaming Games For Mass Shootings Is A Disgusting Distraction (The Jimquisition)

Blaming Games For Mass Shootings Is A Disgusting Distraction (The Jimquisition)

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– America’s truly a frightening country. ♪ Addicted to stress that’s the
way that I get things done ♪ ♪ If I’m not under pressure
then I sleep too long ♪ ♪ And I hang around like a bum ♪ ♪ I think I’m going nowhere
and that makes me nervous ♪ ♪ Everybody’s out to get
me but I feel all right ♪ ♪ Everybody’s out to get
me but I feel all right ♪ ♪ Everybody’s out to get
me but I feel all right ♪ ♪ Everybody’s thinking ’bout me ♪ ♪ But I feel all right ♪ ♪ Everybody’s out to get
me but I feel all right ♪ – Today’s Jimquisition unavoidably touches on some pretty grim shit, so I thought I’d kick off with
something a little lighter, a little more positive to ease us into the aforementioned grim shit. Psyonix, the developer of Rocket League, recently announced that loot boxes will be taken out of the game. Which is great. The less in-game gambling
knocking around the better. as far as I’m concerned. It’s got no place in a video game. Gambling mechanics are insidious, they’re nasty, they’re predatory. They should F-off. The news came very shortly
after the last Jimquisition, where I talked about Rocket League and how disappointing the loot boxes were. How I once gave that game
a Jimquisition award, a year-end honor, and
that I’ve had to asterisk and gray out and, essentially,
invalidate that award because I don’t give awards to games with fee to pay mechanics. Where you pay for a game upfront and you’re expected to
supplement that game further with micro-transaction bullshit. So I’m not gonna say
that it’s thanks to me the loot boxes are going, I’m
not gonna take credit for it. But it would be fun if I did take full credit for it. So I’m going to let you say that it’s thanks to me and let you thank god for me, for having done that deliberately and forcefully and rightly. I took the loot boxes out of. (laughs) All right, light hearted times over, let’s talk about some horrible shit. Over the course of 14
hours, 31 people were killed in two separate American mass shootings. In El Paso, Texas, 22 people
were murdered in a Walmart. In Dayton, Ohio, a further
nine people were killed. Just days beforehand, a mass
shooting at a garlic festival in Gilroy, California,
claimed a further three lives. These are just the high profile
shootings from that week. On the same weekend as the
El Paso and Dayton attacks, another attack was committed
in Memphis, Tennessee, killing one and injuring three. While two separate shootings
happened in Illinois, Chicago, killing one and injuring 14 combined. So many mass shootings and
attempted mass shootings occur now, that they’re overlapping and gaining very little media attention, unless the death toll is especially high. They are happening practically every day. They’re happening all the time
and they will keep happening. The Gun Violence Archive reports that 255 mass shootings
have happened in America and it is a uniquely American problem. Many of these attacks
are racially charged, with manifestos condemning immigration and celebrating white nationalism. With easy access to high-powered weaponry, any bastard with a desire
to be canonized by fascists can go out and try to make himself famous, contributing to a death toll
now numbered in the hundreds. Not the fame is guaranteed anymore because, again, so many have happened the attacks are starting
to drown each other out. So of course video games that
are blamed for this, right? Not the easy access to automatic weaponry. Not the radicalizing hate speech parroted by the shooters themselves. Not the culture that immortalizes, and in some dark corners
worships, these fucking monsters. No, it’s one too many goes on doom, init. In the wake of the latest atrocities politicians were quick
to mobilize they’re tired and pathetic attempts to pass
the buck on to video games. House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, laid the blame for domestic terrorism at the feet of the games industry. Claiming that entertainment software, dehumanizes individuals and that it’s a problem for
future generations and others. Texas Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick, was blunt in suggesting
that domestic terror attacks are the responsibility
of the games industry. “How long are we going
to let, for example, “and ignore at the federal level, “where we can do something about it, “the video game industry?” Dribbled them moron. “In this manifesto, that we
believe is from the shooter, “he talks about living out
his super-soldier fantasy “on Call of Duty.” Patrick was a lying through
his rotten teeth by the way. The manifesto in question, which is more concerned
with defending white people from an alleged ethnic replacement, explicitly says not to live out
super soldier COD fantasies, by attacking heavily guarded areas. Encouraging other would-be terrorists to go after less defended targets. The only video game reference
in the racists screed argues the opposite of what
Patrick claims it does. But these shit munchers were out shone by the grand poo bum himself, alleged president and
sunken trout, Donald Trump, who blamed video games
in a painfully awkward insincerely teleprompted speech condemning the recent attacks. The speech, in which he wrongly states that one of the shootings
took place in Toledo, effectively blames
everything under the sun for racist gun violence, except anything that might actually cause
racist gun violence. Mental health struggles,
the internet in general, immigration, video games, a dog that looked at him funny once. Seemingly anything can
be blamed for mass murder if you squint hard enough. And he should know, he squinted
so much during that speech I thought his face was
gonna consume his eyeballs. – We must stop the glorification
of violence in our society. This includes the gruesome
and grisly video games that are now commonplace. It is too easy today for a troubled youth to surround themselves with a culture that celebrates violence. – [Jim] While everyone
in the game industry was understandably outraged
by Trump’s comments. I think I was personally more horrified by his statement that mental
illness pulled the trigger. Nut neither video games nor mental illness fired, the easily accessible,
war weaponry of America. And Donald Trump knows it. Every politician, every fox news pundit, every self-interested fucker, looking to shift blame away from them or their campaign contributors, knows damn well that video games don’t have shit to do with this. I could do what everyone
else is doing at this point and talk about how video
games are available all across the world, but only America has a mass shooting epidemic. I could go through the studies
that show no correlation, much less causation, between playing games
and murdering people. But I’ve done that already. We’ve all danced to that
dance so many fucking times and we should have moved past it. There’s simply no credibility to be found in blaming video games for mass violence. But that doesn’t matter
to people like Trump. The point isn’t to be convincing or to even do anything about it, the very point is to do nothing about it while chatting a load of shit. The point is to get us
all arguing about what doesn’t cause gun violence, so we stop arguing about what does. While we’re defending
video games from baseless and wholly insincere disparagement. We’re not talking about the
availability of assault rifles or the radicalizing nature of
white nationalist rhetoric. And that’s why games get blamed. Not because politicians and pundits truly believe games are to blame, but because it’s easy to stoke up all the anger and resentment
from a time when people did believe games cause violence. From Columbine being blamed on Doom, to disgraced lawyer, Jack Thompson’s, war against the evils of GCA. To Arnold Schwarzenegger
hypocritical attempts to regulate video game content in a way his own gun-toting action movies were not, games have long been in the crosshairs of anyone needing an easy scapegoat. And in the 90s and 2000s
there was an element of sincerity to this scapegoating. Games were seen as this
new outsider entertainment, the realm of socially deprived nerds, where shocking violence was
encouraged and nurtured. In the 2010s our culture at large has moved past to that silliness. Game consoles are an essential part of most entertainment setups, and titles like fortnight
are deeply ingrained in the mainstream consciousness. The game industry is too big to be harmed by the kind of criticism
that was heaped upon it in the early 2000s. It’s gone fully mainstream, it
rakes in billions of dollars and there are now hundreds
of millions of people who have grown up with video games being a normal part of everyday life. Games aren’t going anywhere. But politicians do know this. They know video games
aren’t going anywhere and they have no real intention
of making them go anywhere. I mean, if they got rid
of all the violent games what would they have to blame? It’s not about seriously
attacking video games, but paying lip service to
a problem to placate people and divert attention. To give the American
public something, anything, to argue about an attack
or defend as they see fit. And I’m not playing that game anymore, I’m fucking over defending
the game industry from toothless rhetoric that only exists to obfuscate the real problems. And do you know what it? Obfuscates the problems within
the game industry itself, as well as the problems without it. Not only does the game violence debate muddy the waters of gun violence, it muddies the waters of actual issues with the game industry. In a way the game industry
benefits from being blamed for things that are obviously
not the game industry’s fault. Because while we all rally to defend games from accusations of
violence and performative political criticism that’ll go nowhere, we forget, at least temporarily, what the fucking
millionaires and billionaires running the game industry
are up to on a daily basis. I’ve been spending years
arguing about the negative, psychological effects games
can have on their players. Deliberately designed, as they are, to encourage impulsive spending and mimicked gambling habits. Kids are being bullied
into buying Fortnite skins for social status. Families are having their
bank accounts cleaned out because of loot boxes in FIFA. The very design of
micro-transactions is based around leaching money incrementally from players in sums too small to notice. And all of this shit has
been deliberately perpetuated by the industry itself. At the same time I’m arguing about the negative mental impacts of video games, I’m expected to argue against
to the idea that video games have a negative mental impact
when it comes to violence. Now obviously the topics of gun violence and manipulative business
practices are different beasts, and believing in some
harmful psychological effects doesn’t mean I have to
believe in all of them. But nonetheless having to
balance the two arguments is an over complication and
a muddying of the water, and an inevitable expenditure
of time and effort that I could be better spending elsewhere. The game industry is at no
real harm from politicians saying Fortnite is to
blame for society’s ills. No amount of punditry will stop Epic Games making billions and billions of dollars. Game companies are
threatened by the politicians and gambling committees
looking into unethical and shady monetization. They are worried when legitimate
action and investigation is been had over their years
of predatory business tactics. But they get to ignore all that and encourage us to ignore all that, while rallying the troops to defend them from the president’s
disingenuous hyperbole. IGN right now has an article titled, “Every Country Has Video Games, Only One Has A Mass Shooter Problem”. It’s a fine enough article, IGN was right to publish it. But while publications need
to spend their time and energy tearing down the bullshit buck-passing that has been successfully
torn down for decades, legitimate abuse in the game
industry gets set aside. We can all be angry
about more than one thing at once of course, but the
entire discussion right now is about defending games
from Trumps bollocks. It’s the biggest story
this week of, course it is. It’s what the video game discourse is a laser focused on right now. And every day the story
takes center stage, is a day the game industry can put off addressing
abuses of employees, of health endangering crunch periods, morale destroying job
insecurity, publisher tax havens and jaw-dropping overpayment of executive. Days before Donald Trump blamed
video games for terrorism the video game industry doxxed
thousands of journalists, content creators and analysts. The Entertainment Software Association, the industry’s
representative had the names, addresses and phone numbers
of over 2,000 E3 attendees stored on a simple download link with no protection whatsoever. Right now, as I speak,
many of those people have been receiving threats and harassment via the personal info leaked. The gross incompetence
and negligence of the ESA, proud face of the
mainstream game industry, is shocking in its scale and stupidity. It was directly harmful, has put the safety of so
many people in jeopardy and the ESA should be apologizing and groveling for their colossal fuck up, every single hour of
every single fucking day. But all they’re doing right
now is putting out statements pushing back against
what the president said. Their monumental failure
has been thoroughly upstaged and is allowing them all the
breathing space in the world. It’s all a distraction,
the video game blame game is distraction and nothing more. It is, to use a favorite term
of Trump’s own loyal fandom, a false flag. Arguing against it is a waste of time because it’s designed
to be a waste of time, and seductively so. It’s just too tempting to
push back against rhetoric so asinine, so off-base, so
thoroughly fucking stupid. But it’s supposed to be stupid, it’s supposed to sucker us
in, it’s supposed to distract. And all the while we’ll
just keep on dying. Keep on getting slaughtered. Keep on getting fucked,
in a fucked-up country where everything’s gotten
completely fucking fucked. Fucks sake. No pundit, no journal, no YouTuber, no outlet is wrong to push back against this political opportunism, especially if you’re in games media. You’ve got the luxury of focusing on a politician attacking video games because you don’t have any other beat. You’re there to talk about games. You’re not necessarily wasting
time you could be spending, talking about guns, talking about fascism, but I don’t think it’s
something you necessarily have to do anymore. The fight was won a long time ago, video games are not going anywhere, even if some of these politicians draft up little bills for themselves. Even if these politicians
promise that they will definitely crack down, they will
come up with some watchdog that’s gonna deal with these
evil violent video games. It’s all smoke and
mirrors, it’s all excuses. By attacking the video game industry, politicians are excusing themselves from having any responsibilities,
any accountability in the chaos and the violence
going on in the nation they’re supposed to be
running and leading. Blaming video games for the epidemic of mass shootings across
America is a cowardly, pathetic, disgusting abdication of responsibility, of accountability for those in power. It’s despicably spineless
and it’s designed to get us to run around in circles
having the same old debates, while nothing is done and people die. And this is all before we
get to the other things that these fuckers are allowing to happen that are gonna kill us all off, like climate change which
of course is very real. Fuck them! They don’t intend to do
anything about video games, any more than they intend to do anything about the actual causes of gun violence, or the ease with which gun
violence can be perpetrated. It’s a fucking scam as
far as I’m concerned and they can fuck off. Thank god for me and all that, but Jesus Christ this country. (upbeat rock music)

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    Once upon a time, the second amendment was written to safeguard the first. Now it appears the government is prepared to gut the first amendment to enforce a warped and unconstitutional interpretation of the second.

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    don't blame games for racist white trash's crimes in America.

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    Great video as always. Thank God for Jim Sterling.

    Gotta say though, Jim, I think you give guns a little too much credit, and you give too little credit to just how problematic, organized, deranged and determined these bloodthirsty right wing terrorist whack jobs really are.

    Don't get me wrong, keeping guns from them is hugely important, but gun control won't stop fuckup Nazi larpers from killing. Only take away their guns, and they'll resort to similarly effective force multipliers that are much easier (and in some cases cheaper) to obtain, such as large trucks, poisoning, or plain old gallons upon gallons of gasoline/homemade napalm.

    Taking away their current favorite murder implement won't hold them up for long. We have to directly halt the growth of racist and fascist influence, as well as properly care for our mentally vulnerable and ill, if we really want the wanton massacres to stop. Letting them freely continue to radicalize more followers, and set new examples for how to commit gunless acts of terror for new recruits to follow, defeats the whole purpose of taking their guns in the first place.

    New gun control now is like placing some gauze on a wound that needs stitches. Beats the hell out of nothing, but more complete treatment better be on the way damn soon to fully fix the problem if we really want to see results.

    Just my thoughts. I'm no expert, mind you. Just another random crackpot on the internet.

    Again, thanks for the vid. Your viewpoint is valuable, and I must strongly laud your choice to put your public platform to such topical and constructive use.

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    Jim Sterling why don't you be more objective with your journalism? All these shooting were hate crimes? Are you serious? That could have been an issue as well however there are many more factors. Why am I seeing only republicans in your representation? Democrats have a ton of politicians who want to ban video games. They tried pulling this crap off before. Remember Tipper Gore, or Hillary Clinton's campaign against video games? Be more objective, that's how you actually win an argument or at least get people to see your opinion.

    White nationalism does not exist today as it did fifty years ago. You're white Jim Sterling, does that mean you hate yourself? Are you prejudiced against yourself? By all means should you not cancel your channel because of your white privilege? Guns will be easily accessed ban or no ban. The guns will flood into our country no matter what. Make assault weapons illegal and the assault weapons will be sold massively on the black market. Ban video games and piracy will thrive like never before. If you tell people they can't have something they will massively flock toward it.

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    Lots of bullshit, lies, and strawmans here Jim… No one blamed Tetris for the violent culture of USA. It is the VIOLENT games that are the issue. They do make people more accustomed to violence. Like violent movies and gangsta music.

    Saying S. Korea spends money on video games and have no gun violence, while ignoring that Korean culture is far more peaceful than American culture and that Koreans massively play non-graphic-violence games like MOBAs…

    Culture has a lot to do with violence. Guns don't shoot by themselves, they are handled by people. And those people are motivated by something, these things don't happen in a vacuum.

    So, yes, you do have to look at the real issues, but the real issue here is not gun availability. The real issue is the mental health of american youth which is deteriorating at the speed of light. American people are fast becoming violent, NAZI, SJW-NAZI, and crazy. You are fucking crazy man, a large portion of US population belongs in a mental asylum.

    THAT is what causes violence. And no one speaks of the real problem…

    I was a soldier in the Greek army, conscripted like all young people in Greece. I had access to a far stronger Battle Rifle than the ones commercially available in America and lots of ammo on me. I could easily go crazy and kill tens of people with my rifle, if i was crazy. I didn't. Because i wasn't crazy. THAT is your issue Jim.

    So, negative vote, and fuck you Jim for pushing extreme left wing propaganda on kids.

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    Hang on? Violence has existed far longer than video games have. Even mental health diagnosis, immigration potentially. It actually has everything to do with increasing poverty, hate speech, poor government etc. All these factors contribute, not a game, many which actually have consequences in them for this stuff. Chicken's in Skyrim for example anyone?

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    True reasons for shooting: Also exist
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    And Ockham's Razor ain't gonna be breaking this down so easily.

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    The saddest thing about all these mass shootings is where they occur. No where near the real people responsible for these crimes.

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    Media: Playing games makes people violent. (white supremacy and gang vs gang shooters)
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    The term you were looking for is semi-automatic military style rifles.

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    Thank God for Jim! And why are guns black? So politicians can blame minorities for this when video games don't work.

  • Hans Wurst Post author

    As a European, the US look more worrisome seemingly every year. All that gun stuff is so strange and absurd.

  • ReverseBLT Post author

    Is it any shock that a guy who's used bankruptcy multiple times to save his bacon would be an expert at passing the buck?

  • StrongWolf85 Post author

    I disagree that the issue is access to guns. I live in New Hampshire, the tiny state with the highest gun ownership rate per capita with any other state and also, last I checked, the fewest incidents of violent crimes and I am further unaware of any mass shootings.
    I do agree that the issue is mental health and society, in that, our political system has become so adamant about dividing and conquering everyone that ideologic-based violence is simply inevitable. Spend decades conditioning everyone that everyone is their enemy and that everyone is out to get them and someone is simply bound to pull the trigger. the reason politicians don't do anything about this is because they benefit from having a hyper reactive, ignorant, and easily manipulated base to feed off of. Yes, both sides, democrats and republicans. Democrats have been pushing social justice (a divisive and ironically hateful movement) as hard as republicans have been pushing white supremacy and religion . All groups that it is all to easy to "other" anyone and everyone. the problem isn't the weapons, the problem is the puppet master at the top and intellectuals picking sides at the bottom. The shootings are merely, yes merely, a symptom of a much much more significant problem in this country. the mental manipulation and division of everyone is so bad that were there no guns it would be mass stabbings and/or organized armed mobs. That said I am a proponent of comprehensive gun control (background checks, mental health checks, criminal background checks), but not the restriction of the weapon itself. we can blame guns like politicians blame video games but it still doesn't solve the problem. America needs to become a civil society again, we need to drop all the division, the social politics, the identity politics, the religious politics, and any other "othering" needs to be dropped by those holding those ideologies and shamed by those not.

  • Michael H Post author

    Fun Fact: Japan has alot of video games, but it doesn't deal with mass shootings on a regular basis.

  • Evilbunny622 Post author

    anytime there is a mass shooting other smaller scales will happen. 30 people killed, somewhere else 12, then 7, then 4, then 2 or whatever it will decrease. dont know if anyone has ever noticed this. FBI has a whole thing about that

  • dragongirl89115 Post author

    So if video games turn people into shooters than certainly violent movies do as well? Should Wall-Mart start removing films that show gun violence? We must certainly do the same for TV shows as well. Who knows, maybe Breaking Bad is the reason for America's Opioid problem (and not the fact that opioids have been pushed heavily by the pharmacy companies and by doctors without clear warnings to the patients what those risks were).

  • Schazmen Rassir Post author

    Don't blame video games. Blame the people. That is, the stupid people. The greedy people. The selfish people. The corrupt people. mentally ill people. The people who are responsible for the world going to shit. The people packing on the shit that causes depression and anger. There is NEVER just one cause. Just one reason.

  • Eigenvector 001 Post author

    Fucking brilliant. Thank God for… you.

  • LordSiddhuGaming Post author

    Whenever politicians start to drift away from the limelight, they start a controversy.

    It's like when Rockstar employed Jack Thompson to constantly keep attacking their games, knowing full well of the universal law of selling a product – "Controversy sells a product.'

    Eg. Mass Effect 1 (Sex Scenes), Bully, Manhunt ("Murder Simulator" – Jack Thompson) etc.

  • jake whit Post author

    day's like this i am happy to be an Australian, some dickhead was screaming allahu akbar while stabbing women in the city; no gun needed but if he had access to one the death count would of been big; this F**** POS was stopped by a man using a chair and a milkcrate… let that sink in.

  • jake whit Post author

    american government: you take the fall for this and you can keep microtransactions.

    AAA: deal

    gamers: am i joke to you?

  • BuzzFeedTeal Post author

    Saying "Easily accessible" is false

  • Ben Lucid Post author

    Hate to break it to you Jim, the removal of lootboxes in Rocket League has more to do with Epic Games purchasing Psyonix, than your influence. But if it makes you feel better, I'll chose to believe it was your doing anyway 😉

  • Tuxfanturnip Post author

    If you want to talk about the impact of violent video games as media, talk about the impact of movies, books, so, so, so much of American culture glorifying violence and deathly afraid of all the wrong things. a PG-13 movie can depict and focus on heroic deadly violence, but heaven forbid tHe ChIlDrEn see a nipple or hear the fuck word twice!

    Honestly, I do think video games could do with less of an obsession with violence, particularly as so many potential topics and mechanics remain unexplored, wasting the potential of the medium, but the way the US jumps to censor media at the slightest opportunity is sickening. For all people love to whine that their vile rhetoric, hate speech, and incitement of violence should be protected as free speech, the real free speech crisis is the consistent suppression of inconvenient media and culture by whatever means necessary, with whatever excuses necessary. The profit motive reduces art to bland, interchangeable, vaguely likable products while government regulation, or threat of regulation, strives to enforce the same strictly Puritan values as ever. Funny enough, the intolerant criers of "the US is a Christian nation," forgetting the 1st amendment, are actually right. This, at the end of the puppet strings, is theocracy in action.

  • August West Post author

    Never assume Donald Trump knows anything, because he doesnt. Hes a big orange joke. He makes me embarrassed to be an American. Still love the country, just hate the so called "president" and the gun culture. FUCK THE NRA AND FUCK DONALD TRUMP.

  • Lymmar Post author

    You can't do crimes if you're in your house playing violent games. The best way to prevent crimes is if the victim and perpetrator never come in contact, and if they're both doing GTA crimes then a real crime has been prevented.

  • JamesistheThunder Post author

    Here's the thing, even if we accept that it was video games, surely the answer is still gun control. SURELY if mentally derranged individuals are getting guns to kill people, whether its video games or not (it isn't!) surely the answer is still to stop these people getting guns in the first place!!

  • Forensic YOYO Post author

    I lived cable chaos. I use to instal and de instal medical equipment. I hated that job but it was the pressure I was in to get done fast that made it a nightmare

  • 110 percent Canadian Post author

    I often enjoy video games journalisms but a lot of people that do journalisms don’t know the difference between semi auto and automatic.
    There is no easy access to automatic firing firearms such as machine guns are illegal to purchase at a federal level
    Keep in mind you can own them if you purchased them before 1986.
    Most people who talk about guns to a widespread audience have a hard time knowing the difference between semi automatic “almost all guns have semi automatic” where you shoot once then you have to press the trigger again to fire.
    “Automatic” guns shot multiple bullets when you hold the trigger down unlike the semi automatic guns where you individually pull down the trigger to fire one bullet.

    Just wanted to mention this for people who don’t know the difference between the two
    By the way I agree that video games do not cause violence.

  • SmplJack Post author

    The recent "knife attack" in Sydney, Australia is a very clear example of how gun restrictions work. If Australia had gun laws as loose as America that man has an assault rifle instead of a knife and kills dozens rather than killing one person and injuring one other.

  • Autum Breeze Post author

    Hearing Trump blame video Games and immigration for the mass shootings made my blood boil

  • sunwolf87 Post author

    Hate to burst your bubble Jim but any American citizen has the right to keep and bear arms as well as to maintain a standing militia in order to combat oppressive governments. We have way too much regulation on firearms as it is, so if laws were the solution then there'd be no shootings. The blunt truth is you can't fix this problem. You can only do your very best to mitigate it, which requires that citizens be armed. Ask anyone living in a nation like Switzerland or Israel what they think of the way we handle shootings and they'll laugh you out of the building? Why? Simple. Every household is armed and ready to defend themselves and those around them.

  • Constitutionalist Libertarian Post author

    I love how you don't actually list your sources you are flashing on the screen. After googling a few of them I can say without a doubt you are a dishonest anti-firearms git.

    You do realize that most of the "mass shootings" in that ABC article were actually domestic instances. One of which wasn't even a mass shooting. It was multiple incidents committed by one whack job in Louisiana in multiple locations over more than one day. Several of them were actually gang violence as well. Which just so happens to be the majority of your Gun Violence Archive source as well. Not to mention it includes police involved shootings where they shoot a criminals in the commission of crimes. So, sorry to break it to you but those mass shootings it claims are BS.

    I also noticed you didn't go with the FBI stats for mass killings, considering they are actually accurate and destroy your BS.


    You are such a git. You do realize you cannot get automatic weapons in the US unless you have a special Federal Firearms License that has beyond extensive background checks, right? Oh wait, clearly you didn't and talked out your grossly obese ass on being able to get them here.

    Stick to video games and fighting the likes of Anita Sarkesian trying to dictate what should and should not be in video games while you do the same regarding game mechanics and leave firearms and their ownership in the US to Americans. Oh wait, you were her b*tch

  • God Emperor Post author

    Yeah but by your standards games also make you sexist and racist so…. I wouldn't go get on a high horse with this one, people like you have made this aged old argument make a come back.

  • TheLunarLegend Post author

    Yeah guns aren't the problem either. I live an hour from Chicago in a town where everyone owns a gun. Know how many violent crimes there were last year? 3. Just 3. In a town with as many guns as people. The problem is media glorifying these psychos so others know it's how they can get attention. It has been for decades. But if they don't glorify they don't get attention and some other station will do it, and the cycle continues.

  • Jonathan C Post author

    Something I find strange, for once, the left and right agree on a thing, video games cause violence.

    Which is a problem, and a steaming load of garbage used to divert attention, but according to the video and the chat, it's only the republican side that's the problem.
    Not the news and political media as a collective that's encouraging this behavior and making these claims.
    And in a way, that also gives this the same feel of the abusive one sided political media that it's supposed to mock and ridicule.

  • tarrker Post author

    There are some very simple and, most likely, effective ways to curb attacks by firearms in the US but you will never, ever hear anyone talking about them. The response to shootings is very measurable and can be calculated. It's disturbing that the public at large doesn't realize this. Every time there's a shooting they either do nothing or just ape the same, pointless rhetoric as always. x_x

  • Ryoss Post author

    Damn, so many great fucking points

  • No Wun Post author

    Bizarre. This video is age restricted, but your other videos aren't. Fucking YouTube corporate bullshit. Thank you for your work, Jim.

  • Spiralofhope Post author


  • A Ghost Without a Past Post author

    Politicians = Professional Liars
    Responsibility means nothing to them, only fishing for votes does.

  • Salt Machine Post author

    I hope your white supremacist boogeyman becomes real one day 🙂

  • XerDav Post author

    wait… "easy access to AUTOMATIC WEAPONRY" ? … easy? first of all, the only full auto weapons that are legal to own for the majority of civilian use, require submitting a form with a $200 tax stamp, then a rigorous background check (on the same level as if you were applying to become a Federal Agent), and after 1-2 years if you succeed the background check, full auto weapons that are transferable (hence, only weapons registered with the ATF before the 1986 full-auto ban), tend to be traded and auctioned, more often than not, for tens of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars… so again… EASY?

    oh wait, you're from the UK, so you might not know the difference between semi-auto and full-auto, if so, i'll fill you in, my bad. so a full-auto weapon means when you pull and hold down the trigger, the weapon automatically fires each round consecutively without having to let go of the trigger. a semi-auto weapon is where you have to pull back the trigger to fire a single round, but holding the trigger does nothing more.

    then you have burst fire, which is also single action like semi-auto, except the weapon will fire two or more rounds with one trigger pull, but not usually more than four at a time, then it stops, therefore it is a hybrid between semi-auto and full-auto.

    if you want to make the case that semi-auto weaponry is easy access, and i mean, compared to the vast majority of the world, you are relatively correct. my main issue is when you talk about how easy it is to obtain full-auto weapons, because it requires either a Class-3 license (which is very, very hard to get for a civilian), or you need to have an extensive federal background check and buy a transferable (pre-1986 ban) registered weapon.

  • MobR Post author

    2nd amendment………LOL

  • Whatevs Post author

    Venture bros nice! 😀

  • austemousprime Post author

    Saying outlandish things to distract is why I don't pay attention to lot of this Video Games News that people make so many videos about. I didn't pay any attention when I heard awhile back about Single Player Games dying, because common sense will dictate otherwise (there always be someone catering to a deprived/lacking market, or eventually).

  • Anne Dugan Post author

    I wish that they would stop pinning the blame on video games. Honestly? Video games are such a good stress reliever. And gaming has really provided a wonderful distraction from all the sadness, stress, and from the mundane moments in my life, even if only for a short while. And I am certain that I am not the only one who feels the same way.

  • Bismuth Crystal Post author

    I just feel the need to watch, thumbs up, and comment to help this video. I shan't be watching all of it, because I'd be far too angry at the end. That corrupt politicians legally bribed by the NRA are being so pathetically evil and dishonest to blame video games for what guns and their own bigoted politics are doing. Video games let us escape from the ills of this word, that they are killing in pursuit of even more more money than they'll ever need. That they are radicalizing with their lies and manipulations. That they are failing to protect by allowing corporations to run rampant over a shrinking middle class and a growing lower class.

  • Adam Weishaupt Post author

    It's all the fault of video games. You can't walk down the street without seeing someone get clubbed to death with a PS4 console or being strangled with a Super Nintendo controller cord.

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