Best 400$ Console Killer – Plays games at ULTRA – 2015

Best 400$ Console Killer – Plays games at ULTRA – 2015

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Hey guys welcome to part 2 of my Holiday Season
gaming PC buyers guide! Last time we took a look at an all out overkill 2300$ PC, so
if you’re looking for something in that price range, then make sure to check out that
video. However today we’re going to be checking out an awesome 400$ console slayer! This is
perfect for anyone looking to get into PC gaming at a lower budget since this is really
the price point when PCs start to shine. This PC will easily outperform the consoles in
gaming, but not only that, it’s a fully functioning PC so you can actually get some
work done on it, instead of being confined to simply consuming media. If you want to
see some actual numbers then make sure to stick around until the end when I’ll be
showing some benchmarks, but overall this PC will very comfortable handle 1080p gaming,
with most games running at high to ultra settings. anyway let’s go ahead and jump into the
parts list! As always our first part is the CPU, I chose
the AMD Athlon X4 860K. This is a relatively new CPU released by AMD to replace the older
760K, it comes in at around the same price of 70$, but performs quite a bit better. Even
though it doesn’t cost much, you’re still getting 4 cores as opposed to the 2 cores
you would get with a similarly priced Intel CPU, which means it will still do pretty decently
in newer games that are starting to require more than 2 cores to run optimally. Also keep
in mind that this CPU can be overclocked and while I decided to skip out on adding an after
market cooler to this build in order to keep the price down, for a bit over 20$ you could
pick up something like the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO to get that extra bit of performance. Our next component is the Asrock FM2A88X Extreme
4+ motherboard. I was actually quite surprised to find such a solid motherboard for only
60$, this thing will easily handle a bit of overclocking if you decide to go that route
and because of its ATX form factor you’re getting quite a lot of expandability, with
7 SATA 6 Gbit ports for your drives and plenty of PCI lanes and USB 3 ports. For the RAM I chose 8GB of the Avexir Core
series and while I personally don’t have any experience with this brand, the reviews
for this kit are very good and together with a price of only 60$ and the all black color
scheme which fits our motherboard pretty well, I have no trouble recommending this. For the storage I chose a 1 TB Seagate Barracuda
drive for 50$. While you’re not getting anywhere near the performance of an SSD, it’s
a very nice amount of storage for the price especially considering that it’s a 7200
RPM drive. Obviously the option to add an SSD is always there and I strongly recommend
that as an upgrade down the road. Now for the part that makes this a gaming
PC, for the graphics card I chose the HIS Radeon R9 270. The amount of performance you’re
getting for the 110$ price is actually incredible. This thing outclasses absolutely everything
in its price range and it comes with quite a beefy cooler which will allow for a decent
overclock and will keep it running nice and cool. Really the only criticism I have of
this GPU is the fact that the PCB is all blue, I personally think all black would’ve looked
quite a bit better but hey can you really complain when you’re already getting so
much for your money? Anyway make sure to stick around until the end if you want to see how
this card actually performs. For the case I chose the NZXT Source 210.
It costs 30$ and has a very clean and simple design, if you’re looking for something
more fancy for about 15$ more you can actually get a version with a windowed side panel,
so that’s something to consider if you want to show off your components. While I would
pick this case simply because of how well it’s priced, feel free to pick whatever
you want as long as it fits all your components. Finally we have EVGAs 500W 80+ bronze power
supply. 500W is plenty of power for pretty much any single GPU system and because of
that 80+ Bronze certification you know it uses some quality components which will keep
your PC running nice and safe. This is definitely a great power supply for only 25$. So that’s all for our parts list, the total
price as of today is 402,92$, make sure to check the description for all the parts and
upgrade options I mentioned. Also keep in mind that prices are always changing, so it
could be more or less depending on when you’re watching. Now let’s check out some benchmarks to give
you guys a sense of how this PC will perform. All of these benchmarks are taken from,
I’ll leave their full review linked below. First off we can see in battlefield 4 the
R9 270 barely dips below 60 FPS on high settings, in Bioshock Infinite it keeps an average of
67 FPS with the game totally maxed out, it looks like there were 1 or 2 dips down the
the 50s, but overall it should be totally playable on ultra settings. Finally let’s
look at Tomb Raider, where this card gets a very respectable average framerate of around
50 with the game totally maxed out. I’m sure 60 FPS would be no problem if you just
turned down the Anti Aliasing a bit. So that should give you a rough idea, obviously there
are many more benchmarks you guys can check out to make up your minds, but at the end
of the day you really are looking at performance that you could only dream of with a “next
gen” console. Anyway that’s all I have for this video,
as usual make sure to leave any feedback or questions in the comments, leave a like if
this video helped you out and subscribe if you want to see more videos just like this

52 thoughts on “Best 400$ Console Killer – Plays games at ULTRA – 2015

  • Stuart Lussi Post author

    "Get some work done on it…." 

    Porn….you mean porn, right? 😉

  • Chris Peterson Post author

    Great video! I almost got that r9 270 (back when they were about $170) but my budget was increased so I was able to get a gtx 970. Either way, I have heard really great things about the r9 270 in almost all aftermarket cooler brands such as MSI, HIS, asus, etc. A real bang-for-the-buck card.

  • iFpsGameReview Post author

    It's 303 bucks

  • George Jordan Post author

    Damn it Tek syndicate, lol.

  • iFpsGameReview Post author

    Heck yeah Matt

  • Hotleve Post author

    Came here from Tek Syndacite, wow you guys have minds alike xD.

  • Gabriel Duran Post author

    Nearly 500 yeah 400 dollar pc alright

  • Sgt.Nuclear Post author

    My pc has:
    3 TB Harddrive
    3GB Videocard
    16GB RAM
    Windows 7 professional

    I can play COD:AW On highest settings easily

    Can I run BF4 on highest settings
    GTA5 when it comes out?

  • NoiDedvro Post author

    I really like your vid's, you earned a sub! ^ ^

  • Mike Hawk Post author

    You can get some quality r9 270s on ebay for like 80$ 
    Talk about a steal.

  • xboxfan21 Post author

    Could you do a 600 dollar build and have benchmarks for dayz standalone and arma 3 and PS you earned my sub

  • Nochilla Post author

    Great video! Certainly didn't know the 270 was well more than capable of handling the listed games… Subscribing!

  • alexander ji Post author

    Could you not better get the msi a78m-e45 motherboard for 50 and then buy a msi geforce gtx 750ti for 140?
    Btw great video 🙂

  • Jalacore Post author

    will seagate pipeline hd 500gb be compatible with this motherboard as replacement?

  • Caleb Fulton Post author

    Definitely earned a sub on this one! Could I do this build with a Gigabyte GTX750ti?

  • Key Post author



  • Armando Pacab Post author

    Hey guys can someone tell me which build is better. I am using this pc for Gmod,Minecraft,Amra,BF4,CSGO,DayZ, and Advanced Wardare type of games. Is this build better or @FPSGameClips 

  • FactoryHonda Mx Post author

    How would pc do with arma 3 or dayz standalone?

  • Osama Bin Laden Post author

    like this comment or i'l blow you up

  • FactoryHonda Mx Post author

    What are the draw back of not buying an aftermarket fan/cooler (will it damage the system only using stock fan)

  • FactoryHonda Mx Post author

    -ASRock FM2A88X Extreme4+ ATX FM2+ Motherboard has an onboard USB 3.0 header, but the NZXT Source 210 (Black)                ATX Mid Tower Case does not have front panel USB 3.0 ports.
    -Some AMD A88X chipset motherboards may need a BIOS update prior to using Kaveri CPUs.
    Are these compatability issues going to not allow the pc to run? Thanks

  • Osama Bin Laden Post author

    can this record minecraft at 100 fps or will it blow up?

  • Oskar Post author

    I just buy Gigabyte  HD 7970 3 GB
    this Athlon X4 860K is a good option ?
    or maybe should I go with i3-4160 ? 

  • CrazyeyesDark Post author

    Hey, I'm on a strict budget, $400 maximum, and I absolutely love this build, but I have a few questions, as I've never built a PC in my life before. 

    I've noticed it lacks a cooling system on the part picker, does that matter? Is a cooling system 100% necessary? Or does the CPU have a default cooling system built in?

    Are all PCs build in a similar way? Let's say, I cannot find a tutorial for this build exactly, will a tutorial for a different build work?

    How hard is it to build a PC and how likely are you to mess something up beyond repair?

    I never play with any filtering or Vsync, as I don't notice a difference very often, will this boost performance significantly? If I had… GTA 5 set on medium at native resolution without any filtering, would I be able to reach a steady 40-50FPS with this build?

    Also, monitor, I have no monitor, I want the cheapest thing possible at standard desktop monitor resolution, 60Hz is plenty. I'll even get a used one, but I'd rather not. What's the cheapest I could get?

    Thanks in advance, you probably will not answer this, but I still hope you will… I know I could look this stuff up, but I prefer information like this first hand.

    Doc. Crazy

    EDIT: Got yourself a sub, mate, I really liked this video very much, thanks again.

    EDIT #2: I noticed part picker isn't showing the price of the Averix 2x4GB, what's the average price of that thing? I found it for $70 somewhere, which would make this build for about $450, which I could manage to pull off somehow. Any cheaper alternatives to this thing that wouldn't down the performance too much? I'd rather stay around the $420 mark.

  • Kyle Millar Post author

    I have a $600 budget, what parts should i upgrade?

  • Kyle Millar Post author

    Does this actually work? Got my NewEgg shopping cart ready to go. Can I hear from someone who has built this please.

  • Kyle Millar Post author

    Just found out this won't work. On PC Part Picker it says the motherboard has front USB 3.0 slots but the case doesn't. Unfortunate, as this is a great build.

  • Abir Sevim Post author

    Wow, this build is amazing for the price. In the future could i upgrade the CPU to an Intel i5?

  • Abir Sevim Post author

    Can I play Assassin's Creed on this? Also, is it loud?

  • Brian Richards MTB Post author

    I want to run high graphic games such as far cry 4 or 4k games on ultra at 60 frames how much would I have to pay

  • Narith Chesda Post author

    I've never build any pc in my entire life, I wonder where can i get it n how, btw is there anything better for 500-600$ ?

  • Saiyan Visuals Post author

    Hello there! I plan on building this beast and was wondering if I could use a Gtx 750 instead of the 270 and can I give this thing a 450w psu? Thanks! Ps. I subscribed, great vid! And one more thing, would this be able to run GTA V? Or at least gta 4?

  • MartinWTB Post author

    And if you need peripherals the price suddenly becomes $1000.00

  • Gamer's Charisma Post author

    Next time you do a build like this, it would be beneficial to not create the build during the holiday season. Often items will be on sale due to the time of year. The build has gone up to $500.

  • DominickPanda101 Post author

    I'm trying to get sooner to give me the parts for a pc but I don't know how to get one :/

  • Richard Rampersad Post author

    this is what you should get now  @FPSGameClips 

    CPU= AMD Athlon X4 860K Black Edition

    RAM= Crucial Ballistix Sport 4GB Single DDR3 1600 

    MOTHERBOARD= ASRock Micro ATX DDR3 2400 

    GPU= Sapphire Radeon R9 270X 2GB

    STORAGE= Seagate 1TB Desktop H

    PSU= EVGA 500W 80PLUS Certified 

    CASE= Cooler Master elite 110


  • Alsolus Post author

    No seriously good information you have there FPSGameClips, glad you uploaded this.

  • RedNexus Post author

    If I build a PC with all of these parts will it work?

  • SJplaysALL Post author

    My one problem is the fm2 chipset.
    It just feels dated I wish AMD would release a mainstream chipset that works with lower end and higher end chips in 2016. I would hit up AMD chips if thats the case in the future. 
    Also, I would save 50 bucks for 450 (Not including windows, I guess). 
    And hit up a GTX 960- Well worth it- also could save on power supply in this case.
    Just cause you can build A PC for 400 don't do it. Spend at least 1000 dollars reasonably on A PC and you will be better off. Some people have no problem with buying a MacBook but cringe at the thought of buying parts that are more than like 600 bucks.

    For 1000 dollars you can build a PC with an i5-4460 with a gtx 970 and an SSD. 
    This will run games in 1440p while this will lack in future releases even at 1080p

  • V E A C H Post author

    nice, can run candy crush in ultra

  • Jony Ortiz Post author

    Is it windows 7/8

  • Garrett Regula Post author


  • kre10 Post author

    Don't trust the benchmarks in the end, they were done using a high end CPU (probably i7 4790k), not the crappy one included in this build

  • Amir Production Post author

    wtf where is the hardware?

  • Irishcrazydude Post author

    Can this render and edit videos good plz respond as soon as possible thanks!

  • SamanGod5 Post author

    Can this build run minesweeper on low settings?

  • Uzair Ali Post author

    How many fps in CS:GO will you have ? 🙂

  • Irving Malcolm Cáceres Post author

    Nice idea but you should test it and include mouse, keyboard, OS and video cable (HDMI, EVGA, etc) if you really wish to replace a Console.

  • Barath B Post author

    dude!!!!!! thnx for the build……. but can i play gta 5 at 40 – 50 fps?? at what settings?? can i pair the r9 270 with fx 6300 for better performance??

  • Suraj Karthikeyan Post author

    What about the OS? You cant really get that for free now can you?

  • AI R509 Post author

    down to $341.72

    Not bad.

  • GoldSoul Post author

    can I play dayz and shatterd skies 1080p

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