Behind Bars: Rookie Year: No Playing Games (Season 2) | A&E

Behind Bars: Rookie Year: No Playing Games (Season 2) | A&E

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[music playing] MAN: [inaudible] [buzzing of door] MAN: This is the last guy? AARON PURTO: I love corrections. I love being a part
of what we like to call the “thin blue line.” Ever since I was
a little kid, you know, I’d always been
fascinated with, you know, the television show, “Cops.” You know, I would
watch it ritually. It started really, really
capturing my interest then. And I just knew, you know,
I was like, wow, I need to– I need to be a
correctional officer. This is what I
really want to do. I take pride in putting
this uniform on every day. I’m able to come here and
ensure that these people stay in prison, are following
policy and procedure, you know. That’s– and that’s one of the
main things that they hate, you know. It’s a comforting
feeling for me to be able to come here and enforce
these rules on these people. So this particular
morning, two weeks ago, this inmate, Joshua
Martinez– his is one of our more
dangerous inmates here. We’re nearly to his cell
door when I just saw something flying down at me. [interposing voices] I didn’t have time to
panic, it happened so fast. If those two officers weren’t
there, and it was just me, I probably could have
sustained more injuries than– than I did. After the first responders
came and I was able to get up, then I kind of was like, wow,
something’s wrong with my arm. I sustained a
partial tear to my– my left– left side of my chest. AARON PURTO: Being
attacked by an inmate– it really makes you
take a step back and do a little bit of soul searching. It just reminds
you that anything can happen at any given time,
and that you need to be alert. Just know what
you’re dealing with. Yeah, these people
are human beings, however, they are
here for a reason, and they are vicious predators. This is for you. MAN: There’s inmates here
at the state penn that want to harm themselves,
which amplifies the risk of them harming
you and other inmates and support staff. Regardless of how violent it
is, the correctional officers and the staff here has
to be able to maintain, you know, the well-being
and health of the inmates. [inaudible] AARON PURTO: Since
the attack, my guard has– has been very high. Close the door. It’s– it’s even
higher than before. It’s here in the unit still. AARON PURTO: OK. You’re only allowed one book. So being as though
it’s religion, let me check with
the lieutenant. Just relax. Just relax. Let me take with the
lieutenant right quick. Just calm down. We’ll get this squared away. OK? So his main gripe
was his Quran? If there’s nothing in there,
go ahead and give it to him. If he’s got paper and
envelopes in there too, um, go ahead and give him those. AARON PURTO: Here’s a pen. Here’s a pen. We’ll get you some paper and
envelopes so you can write. I got my own paper. I’m not [bleep] guilty. I don’t need you guy’s
[inaudible] [bleep] paper. AARON PURTO: OK.
OK. So here is your Quran book. OK. And this is the one that
he’s allowing you to have. OK? No you’re not. RUBEN DAVIS: Yeah I am. Just take this stuff
right here and just relax. What do I look
like, your maid? Today’s my very first
day since the incident, about two and a half weeks ago. I said, you know what? I’m not going to play his games.

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