ASUS Strix II Review – The Fastest Gaming Laptop Screen

ASUS Strix II Review – The Fastest Gaming Laptop Screen

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Hey, how’s it going Dave 2d here? So this is the new second-generation ROG scar so the Strix g50 4GS this is the newly updated version of the Strix line The top surface is still metal, but it’s a little boxy err in shape now It just has some simple rounded corners with the brushed texture The big change though is the logo it can now change colors It used to be locked into that old-school gamer red color, which honestly was getting really stale now You can channel your inner rainbow and just let it rip the build quality and reliability of the Strix laptops I’ve always been pretty good I think that’s why they do so well on Amazon Like people buy them they use them for a while and they have a good experience with them So that’s why the ratings are so high. It is a predominantly plastic device So that’s the weird thing top panel is metal But the inside the bottom panel decides they’re all Polycarbonate but it’s really rigid Like there are laptops out there that use metal materials that don’t feel as sturdy as this the Strix laptops are built Well now new for this year is also a light strip upfront and I really like this thing it’s one of the more unique features on this laptop you get full control on the software and there’s two regions to light up and I just find this relaxing. There’s something nice and kind of soothing about this pastel color And the other thing is not obnoxious right like a lot of RGB lights on laptop searches on the front or the side and it’s kind of Broadcasting that RGB to the world this is like it’s facing you. It’s kind like your own personal RGB space I don’t know it’s simple, but I like it One of the biggest changes on this laptop is the screen so the previous generation of Strix had some pretty thick bezels and I think that’s one of my biggest complaints that the had about the Strix and I think a lot of people felt that way as well this new generation has a really thin bezel and it looks so much nicer It’s not completely bezel as there’s obviously a bit of a bezel still and there’s also a chin so they put the webcam down here There wasn’t enough space up the top I guess to put one up there. They put at the bottom But it’s actually on the side as well. It’s not even in the middle It’s not something I think a lot of gamers use but the image isn’t great and the angle isn’t particularly flattering so the display panel itself is Excellent, like straight up. Excellent. It’s brights with good color accuracy and Fast it’s 144 Hertz super fast refresh rate We’re seeing a lot of high refresh laptops pop up in 2017. But this one is a three millisecond panel I think it’s actually the fastest 144 Hertz panel I’ve seen like the fastest response time on 144 Hertz panel that I’ve seen games look so good on this screen There’s a USB C port but it doesn’t support Thunderbolt 3 and in 2018 like mid 2018 I feel like it’s just a thing that should happen on devices like this. It’s a high end gaming laptop It’s not the most expensive one out there, but Thunderbolt 3 support is kind of not expected But it should be there the speakers. They’re good. They’re located on the side So I like the location and I don’t they put new speakers in this generation or if it’s just a software update But they sound way better than I thought they would the mids are clean The highs are clean and the base is actually present, but there’s no cell book I popped it open expecting a sub there is no sub. There’s just really good speakers So last year’s model was tough to open up fully you get to the RAM and stuff easily There was a hatch but if you needed to open it up completely to access the fans or something It was a huge pain in the butt this year There’s no more hatch the whole back panel pops off easily any of access to the fans the 2 6 of ram SSD the hard drive alpha Charlie replaced the Wi-Fi card is using a quad antenna for a better reception and stuff The battery down here is not big It’s a 64 watt hour piece and I’m only getting around three and a half hours of battery life with the screen at 250 nets you Definitely need a charger if you’re gonna bring it to class or work or wherever because three and a half hours is not gonna cut It for a full day the keyboard This is a comfortable keyboard good travel Layout takes a little bit of time to get used to because of the arrow key placement between the number pad but the keyboards good overall the lighting is Okay, it’s a four zone. I wish it was individually lit and there’s clear WASD keys here which are unique But I don’t know they’re not for me There’s something about this translucent material that makes it kind of look unfinished the color from the lighting just blasts through these key caps But I don’t love the look the trackpad. This is a much improved track ride from the previous generation tracking is really accurate It’s using Windows precision drivers and there’s dedicated hardware buttons. The palm rejection could be a little better It’s picking up some occasional left palm action. When I press the spacebar, but it’s pretty minor. So performance is strong This unit has a gtx 1070 to go with that six core 8750 h the cpu is a multi core beast and the GPU just crushes. It uses that 144 Hertz panel Well, a lot of competitor shooters will hit 144 Hertz even with the graphics settings cranked up They’ve also done a good job cooling it Remember, it’s a gtx 1070. Not the max cube, but a regular 1070 and I’m not seeing throttling in benchmarks and stuff The temperatures are good. The fans are also not too loud It’s nice to see them cool a full 1070 without excessive fan noise even at max load Now one of the reasons why they’re able to do this is because the device itself like I’m sure the thermal solution is good But this device is not an ultra thin laptop It’s not thick or anything But laptops are just easier to cool when there’s more room in there for bigger fans and stuff like that So this laptop is a much improved version from the previous generation. The first generation Strix was really good This is just that much better If you like a C’s listen to their customer base figure out what they wanted what they didn’t want and made something That’s a really compelling purchase This one here is the scar 2 and there’s a brother to this kind of like a twin called the hero 2 Which looks a little bit different but has very similar specs but depending on what you’re looking for in terms of aesthetics You might choose one over the other ok Hope you guys enjoyed this video thumbs if you liked it subs you love to see you guys next time

100 thoughts on “ASUS Strix II Review – The Fastest Gaming Laptop Screen

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    Oops. I totally botched the product title in the slide. It's clearly not a Razer Blade. =/
    The new Strix is much improved from last years model and is one of the best offerings from ASUS right now

  • Robert Roberrt Post author

    UK is a disgrace…. Cannot find these with the GTX1070 so instead of the conversion to be around ~£1400 for $1700 when you account for the robbery that they claim and the import fees ends up costing $2200 …. Nice

  • improperusername Post author

    Looking at this laptop, and I agree the clear keys just seems cheap and unfinished to me. Wish they had either left them all black or maybe rimmed the edges with a different color like other brands do.

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