Anime to Watch When Life Has Got You Down | Glass Reflection

Anime to Watch When Life Has Got You Down | Glass Reflection

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Life is dark and full of terrors. One of the ways that I’ve often turned to
anime over the years is for a momentary escape from of it. A way to watch people in situations either
far better than I could ever hope for, or situations that are similar but with characters
that are able to handle it far better than I ever could. The world can be a dark place, and some might
argue that it’s been getting worse and worse all the time. As I am traditionally pessimistic about life,
the universe, and everything, I don’t tend to gravitate towards some of the more positive
things in my life when things get a little too dark. However, being the avid watcher of anime that
I am, the positive things I do look for usually end up being these wonderfully animated drawings
from Japan that we enjoy oh so much. So today I wanted to share with you a brief
list of shows that I both like to recommend to others and watch myself, when I’m feeling
down, unmotivated, or just looking for a pick-me-up to get me through the rest of the day. Ladies, gentlemen and others, my name is Arkada and welcome to Glass Reflection where today we are going to be taking a brief look at some anime to watch when life has got you down. If we are going to be talking about uplifting
anime, or at least anime that is so chill it makes you feel that way too, then we might
as well start with one of my favourites: Aria The Animation. Aria has a bunch of great elements that make
forgetting about the world easier. For starters, it’s not on Earth. While it looks very similar to Earth locations,
specifically the city of Venice, it actually takes place on a planet that’s been terraformed
to suit purpose. Don’t worry about the more sci-fi setting
though as, despite its fantastical roots, much of the show likes to forget that the
modern tech or even the future tech you’d assume to be in such a setting even exists. This leaves our main cast to live peacefully
without much more than the natural elements of the city and each other to keep going. The story revolves around several water-based
tourist guide companies and three young Undines who are learning to pilot the gondolas of
the city to provide a helpful service to the residents. The show is a combination of strong character
narratives for the girls, combined with plenty of individual one-off stories about the people
they meet and interact with while they train and work. The girls themselves offer varying personalities,
from the harsh and cynical to the talented but distant, as well as the extremely curious
yet carefree, which all combine to bring this fun and relaxing tone to both the world and
the stories told in it. Put simply, Aria is like warm soup for the
soul. While some might not enjoy the slower pace, if you take your time with it, relaxation will come. But if you think that this whole list is going
to be full of 100% wholesome feel-good anime, then you don’t know me or how I make lists
all that well. I like variety, and in this case sometimes
when I’m feeling down and crappy, I find helps is to watch someone who
is having a worse time than me overcome their own difficulties. Enter Onizuka. Great Teacher Onizuka is a series that historically
has been a bit difficult to get a hold of, but it is not out of print and – in the
US anyway – is fully available for streaming. Stupid Amazon for not offering the series
in Canada…. Eikichi Onizuka is a former delinquent, a
current college student, and a guy who desperately hopes that he can somehow, some way land a
teaching job. Why? Well he might tell you that it’s because
a part of him desperately hopes that he’ll be able to help kids in a way that he wasn’t
when he was in high school. He’ll be someone who can help out those
kids when no one else can or will. He might also tell you it’s because high
school girls are hot and getting a bride much younger than him is an enticing proposition! Onizuka’s antics are refreshing to watch
because he’s almost a textbook example of a guy who knows what rock bottom looks like. He’s never had good luck, solves most of
his problems through violence, and now that he’s trying to clean himself back up he
has hurdle after hurdle placed before him because of his past. Students don’t respect him at first, he
gets blackmailed, he suplexes the vice-principle before he’s even hired…well, that last
one was because the guy called some former students trash rather than attempting to help
them. and that struck a cord with Onizuka. A bit extreme, yes, but it is kind of his
calling card. He’s not the stereotypical teacher, which
makes it slightly easier to disconnect from the scenarios that he’s involved with and
just marvel at the solutions that he ends up coming up with. This makes the series good watching if you
want to see how others are able to pick themselves up to help not just themselves but also those
around them. Of course, if the older artwork and somewhat
crass nature of Onizuka isn’t to your tastes, another series about a guy who overcomes tough
yet relatable challenges is Space Brothers. To extremely simplify, this show is like what
would happen if you made a 99-episode series about the Mario Brothers wanting to go to
space, but then make Luigi your protagonist. Except to be fair, Space Brothers is far and
away better than that. In reality it’s about Nanba Mutta, whose
younger brother will soon be the first Japanese man to land on the moon. Nanba, like his brother, has a dream to go
to space, a dream he got as a child when the two brothers saw what they believed to be
a UFO flying over Japan. But Nanba has…shall we say some unique motivational
problems with getting his life together, hence why his younger brother is all set to take
a rocket to the moon and he is…well, nowhere near that level. The show in its entirety tells the lengthy
but detailed story of how Nanba is attempting to follow in his brother’s footsteps. Detailing his admission to JAXSA, Japan’s
version of NASA, and how he copes with attempting to reach the same level as the brother who
surpassed him. Now you didn’t mishear me when I said the
show has 99 episodes. It’s not something you can tackle in a day
and admittedly the length might turn off a number of people, but as something to just
turn on for a few episodes over time, there are few things better. The struggles that Nanba puts himself through
are some of the most relatable you’ll find of late and, for a pick me up after a long
day of work, it does extremely well. When I first made a video about Barakamon several years ago, I tried to describe it as a Dumpling show, a
show that takes a common element such as a cute girl character and used that element
to wrap around a filling of whatever uniqueness the show itself offers. While some dumpling shows have fillings of
marshmallows, music, or friendship, Barakamon has a filling of artistic hardship. But it’s the dumpling dough in the shape
of the young girl Naru that makes the show not only worth watching, but one that is a
satisfying treat for those dark days of artistic roadblock. Handa is our fairly accomplished, but still
has much to learn, calligraphy artist who finds himself completely out of his element
after a violent altercation with a judge lands him out in the country to cool off his head
and also keep it down for a while until the whole thing blows over. Problem is he still has to work and be artistic,
despite being out in the boonies. He also happens to be almost a stereotype
of an “artistic mind”, as he has no inspiration or passion to work on what he is known for. Something I can occasionally relate to. But, as a dumpling show, he has the fluffy
girl Naru to help him out of his slump. Not just by being an absolute bundle of joy,
but also by helping to bring Handa to a relaxing place that makes it easier for his mind to
calm down and find his passion again, only to lose it by the next episode. But it’s the constant back and forth that
not only helps to relax Handa, but also the audience. Plenty of the things Naru shows us come in
the form of life lessons, ones we might already know but take for granted. It helps us get to a calm and relaxing place
just as much as it does for Handa, so if you need that kind of pick-me-up it, then it might
just be to your tastes. While Aria has its sights set on being
the closest thing we have to an animated feeling of what living on a cloud might be like, I
wanted to finish off with two final shows that bring much of that feeling a bit more
down to Earth. Non Non Biyori is like the light and fluffiness
of Aria combined with the dough-like setting and characters of Barakamon. It stars a small group of girls who
attend a school in rural Japan. The school is so small that they are basically
the only students and their teacher is more of a caretaker and advisor as they are all
in different grades and different stages of learning. While there are plenty of aspects to this
multi-season series worth mentioning, a lot of them can be summed up purely by the character
of Renge and her attitude and outlook on life. Renge is someone who can wake up every day
and have a new and (to her) exciting adventure that we get to witness alongside her. We get to see her joy, her wonder, and sometimes
her very unconventional thought process to most situations. She’s just so friggen cute. Ultimately Non Non Biyori is one that I like
to offer up to people who don’t like the idea of traditional slice of life shows, because
while it holds many of the genre’s hallmarks, it shows them off in a fairly unique way to
make every episode exciting and memorable. My recommendation for this being the best
slice of life series ever is only stopped short by our last series. One which my own fans should have seen coming
a mile away. If you want a series that makes you feel relaxed
and laid back in times of need, then of course my highest praise goes to the show with that
very concept in the title. Laid Back Camp does very similar things as
something like Non Non Biyori. Not to sound like a slight to the former,
but Laid Back Camp’s presentation and charm far exceeds everything in its genre. It is a series that is so much more than a
group of high school girls going camping. In fact, very little in the show itself has
the group of them on a singular camping adventure together, as it instead likes to weave stories
about their experiences between one another. While some are off experiencing their first
group campsite in one place, another (usually the sturdy Rin) is off elsewhere showing us
the joy of camping solo. The relationships between the girls are also
surprisingly well-built considering we witness most of them meeting for the first time on-screen. While some of them can come off as a bit cliché,
for what they offer, they are still extremely polished characters who end up appearing as
highpoints in their clichés and not just run-of-the-mill members. Laid Back Camp is the kind of show where,
if I were a doctor and thought I could use anime to calm a patient and soothe anxiety,
I’d prescribe this series. It’s an immensely charming and fluffy show
that exists in a rose-coloured world about the joys of camping. But it’s not so rose-coloured that you couldn’t
see the possibility of these situations actually occurring if you had that kind of luck and
patience. This makes the series a calming remedy for
our stressful lives. With luck, at least one the anime I have showcased
today has piqued your interest. I’ll be putting links in the description
for the shows that have legal streaming options available for those who require them. So thank you for watching this video. I hope you enjoyed it. And a very special thank you to my patrons,
who not only support my work in general, but who also allow me to do what I do. I love and appreciate you all. Specifically though, as I like to do, I want
to give particular shout-outs to patrons Siri Yamiko , Ryefan Boneapart, Rune Jachobson,
Joshua Garcia, Calhoonboy , Richard Bradley, and Hector Mon-te-mayor for being especially
awesome. You guys are great! And until next time – ladies, gentlemen,
and others – watch more anime…and stay frosty.

100 thoughts on “Anime to Watch When Life Has Got You Down | Glass Reflection

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    I love slice of life, it's my favorite genre, by far. A lot of it is just feel good.

    K-On: Girls start a band, make tea, and live their life, with occasional music.

    My Roommate is a Cat: A Introvert finds a cat, and his life takes an unexpected turn. Has sad moments, isn't fully happy, but is still fun, even though there are sad moments.

    Grand Blue: Iori Kitahara moves to a coastal town for his freshman year at university, and eventually becomes interested (or dragged) into scuba diving. Some of the jokes might not be for everyone.

    Usagi Drop Daikichi is a bachelor and has a respectable job, but has a pretty boring life. When his grandfather dies, he meets a little girl, who turns out to be his grandfather's illegitimate daughter! That he ends up taking care of.

    Daily Lives of high school Boys: If you end up liking Grand Blue, or you watched Daily Lives first, then you might like Grand Blue. Both have skits with characters and focuses heavily on comedy

    Is the order a Rabbit: Group of friends work at a coffee shop.

    Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun: Chiyo is a happy high school girl who has fallen in love with the oblivious Umetarou Nozaki, she ends up working with him on his manga, as his assistants. Comedy ensures.

    Ore Monogatari: An incredibly sweet romance anime, the first three episodes are a bit cliche, but go somewhere after that, imo.

    Amaama to Inazuma: Kouhei Inuzuka has been caring for his daughter, Tsumugi, since the death of his wife. He has realized that what Tsumugi eats is unhealthy, and tries to learn more.

    Hakumei to Mikochi: Nine Centimeters tall, tiny girls, Hakumei and Mikochi, live in a tiny house in a tree, riding insects and birds and living their lives. It gives off a fairy tale kind of vibe.

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    Non Non Biyori – I can't say that much of what you said managed to convince someone who generally isn't into slice of lifes to watch it.
    The Art one – I can't really say any of this appeals to me.
    Space Brothers – This is definitely the most appealing on the list. Not sure it'd actually cheer me up if I was miserable though, I'd probably end up brooding and deciding that I'm even more of a worthless failure than the brother character.
    Great Teacher – Has some interesting aspects, not sure how much I'd enjoy it. The whole wanting to date high schoolers thing raises a number of red flags however.
    Aria – I think this anime would just make me feel like I was wasting time watching it and cause time anxiety stress, I can't say it interests me.

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    I've had a lot of tough times throughout life so far (I'm 27) including life threatening health issues, social isolation, and a complete hopelessness about my future and time and time again it's been anime that's seen me through to the other side. Right now I'm going through a tough time with panic attacks and probably needing surgery. For me, dumb ecchi harem anime are a nice stand in for iyashikei (healing) anime. I've watched tons of deep philosophical shows and intelligent thrillers but the most impact an anime has had on me was watching fucking zero no tuskaima at just the right time.

    As time goes on it really seems the simple messages that we all already know delivered in a pleasant atmospheric package give me a lot more value than what I consider to be better, smarter shows. I really hope I make it through this time so I can keep watching anime for years to come…

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    2) Welcome to NHK. Complete opposite end of the spectrum. NHK is about someone who just can't face the world, but keeps being confronted with it. I find the main character to be somewhat relate-able as his coping mechanisms are not often constructive or anything to take pride in, and yet he keeps finding ways to keep moving, or at the very least keep existing when everything seems hard and pointless. Certainly not for everyone, and at times a bit on the nose about being a show about getting through depression. But for me has been a faithful standby on those days where I just wish the world would go away.

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    If you like anime I invite you, I want to create a community where you can comment and show our works about this art, thanks for the attention
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    Interviews with Monster Girls
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    Yuru Yuri
    Welcome to the NHK (Its remarkably heartwarming)
    Non Non Biyori (one of the MOST heartwarming shows you will ever watch in your life)believe me
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    Konosuba (cmon everybody knows why this if funny and healing)

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    That expression on your face at the beginning, I know it all too well, I've had it myself sometimes. I love this channel you have made and am really glad you made this episode.

  • Peter F-Model Post author

    Its interesting how we all think the world is going down the plug hole, as I do on a regular basis. However when I look at metrics I see this is not correct. Perhaps the most basic metric of life is life expectancy. As the average life span for most Stone Age folks was about 20, when we move to the Rome Empire it move up to 30 and during the industrial revolution it reaches 55 by 1870. Today it has moved up to 80+ in the industrial world and even in the developing world its getting close to 80.
    Basically, based on mortality rates, the world has never been better and its getting better. Yet in the developed world depression seems to be on the march. Perhaps this is related to the fact we are all older, but it could also be to do with our complex civilization. Its thought that IQ values have increased over the last 100 years, possibly as a result of the complexity of our society. Using todays IQ averages an agriculture society only needs an average IQ of 80, but if you try and fill out your tax return on the internet this IQ is simply not going to cut it. We are also pretty certain that intelligence is not the path to happiness.
    Perhaps our increased IQ has an unfortunate side effect, increased depression. This is why we need anime – keep it coming ohh land of the rising sun.

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