17 thoughts on “All About My Experience being Black in Spain – Black Study Abroad

  • Christopher Marlin

    You are so damn beautiful..

  • Priscilla obeng

    Thinking of doing my masters in Spain.. but am really scared cause I don’t know anyone in that country..the struggle 😫😫
    What do you think 😭

  • Rashanda McKenna

    You should have returned the top period

  • Carmen Kernan

    Hola Sierra! I just found you on YouTube and being from Spain I wanted to hear what an American thinks after living in Spain. You’re very sweet and sensitive to the fact that you don’t want to offend anyone and very careful not to say anything derogatory about the country in general. I appreciate it that a lot! Very informative videos, I’ve watched a few! 😘

  • Elisa Mondragon

    From which country in America are you from?

  • G Kane

    Thank you for the feed back ! So i can prepare myself.

  • ncg89

    they've never heard of beyoncé?

  • Sabrina John

    Where did you prefer to live Madrid or Barcelona? I'm thinking about moving there for a job but i keep hearing about racism. Are you still in Barcelona? I actually like Barcelona.

  • Real Advantage Productions

    Cool video. Very interesting! I know there are a lot of countries or people who hate Americans. Then there are those who hate Black. I would imagine it might get confused sometimes. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I have just subscribed and liked. Just want to show support to your channel because I figure if regular, black, small time Youtubers trying to get ahead like myself don't do it. Then who will? We all got to stick together right, support each other, grow and prosper together right? Wish you the best with your Youtube Journey and your life. Btw, I have just subscribed to your channel.

  • chelseat1314

    Thank you sooo much! I was going to ask you to do a video about this. Very informative. Do you think you could do a video about Black Barcelona? Like where and the names of ethnic clubs or ethnic parts of town etc

  • Gugu Hlatshwayo

    Thanks for the video, I needed this. I'm moving to Spain in September and I get scared sometimes about how they will treat me.

  • lthompson

    In my experience (I've been in Barcelona for 3 years) there is racism but its not as overt. If you're a foreigner, they look at you like 'wow you're not begging' 'wow you're dressed nice for a black person' ' wow you're not dumpster diving'. They assume you have to be British, or American or even French, to have nice things and be an educated black person. And there is a sad divide between those who choose to come to Spain and black migrants who were forced to come for survival. And seeing them, you feel bad, they look at you with a slight envy, as if to say – I wish I was as blessed as you. I hate that black people are at the bottom of the social pyramid here.

    In terms of the police, there are alot of videos online showing how brutal the police are to black street sellers. I have seen for myself a group of officers attacked 2 black sellers. And everyone was just standing there watching, I dont recall anyone stepping in. I wanted to myself but I felt so intimated, next minute the police attack me too.

    Whilst Spanish people have this fascination with other races, especially black people. They can act as if you're a unicorn. Men here fetishize black women massively. You feel it when you walk the streets, day or night. As a black person you cant just live without being noticed (at work, in class etc), guess because the black population is so so so small. I've had a landlord express that my race made her uncomfortable, my housemate had to explain that I'm 'not like the others, I'm british'.

    Another thing I notice, you see alot of black children with white Spanish families. I am unsure if they are just taking care of the child for the parents, or they have adopted. But it is a regular sight.

  • martin shelton

    Thanks Sierra nice interview i can understand how people will stair at you when you are abroad because you are difference, it funny I get stair in the USA because Sierra I live in and all white suburbs neighborhood, being black and single living a nice home really messed them up but I don’t paid them any attention, wondering what I do for a living, I have a beautiful home and two new luxuries vehicles and they just cannot understand it, trying to have a conversation with me but I don’t tell them any of my business, the funny things they even bring there black friends over sometimes to stay hey guy I okay, I really don’t speak to them because I can see right through them, so I just be quiet and stay to myself which is cool, it’s a trip but it’s doesn’t bottom me at all because I am use to it, I always been around white people all my life I use to them on how they see black peoples and black men especially, that how the cards was dealt for me but I survived, Peace and have a nice day, and stay cool.

  • Chef Orelle Young

    If I did a video on my experience as a black man living in London and Dubai it would be 30 seconds long 🤣. I have only experienced bigotry living in New York. Ironically enough my son faced some grief for being non Muslim in an east London school, but transitioned with ease into the middle eastern school system in Dubai…go figure.

  • Sky's health and diy

    You are aboriginal american. Natives are the asian siberians and the ones who look white. I am aboriginal american too and know my tribes. But yes we are the real "indians".

  • Rivy O

    when I was living in spain, I felt the same way. They just saw a beautiful woman, not a black woman. Spain is definitely a peaceful place but not that much diversity. I live in San Francisco and there are so many different people from all walks of life and just being able to hear all the different languages, so it's really nice being here. Just like I am living in a European city.

  • Sierra LaFaye

    DISCLAIMER: There’s racism everywhere unfortunately. I’m speaking on how the majority of people treated me while living in Spain

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