24 Hours inside a Tiny Hidden Room at Secret SAFE HOUSE! (Game Master Spy Found at 3am Overnight)

24 Hours inside a Tiny Hidden Room at Secret SAFE HOUSE! (Game Master Spy Found at 3am Overnight)

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– Hey ZamFam! It’s Rebecca and as you guys can see, we are back here at our cabin in Big Bear. As you guys saw in my last
video, the game master has been having us do spy ninja training
and a couple of my friends came in to train us, but at
the end what we think are four quadrant ninjas showed up and
Matt and I ended up having a battle royale in real life
with our camera man, Daniel. – They ended up escaping but
one of them dropped their mask. – On the back of that mask, we actually found the coordinates and the time of a secret meeting that was taking place. – So Matt ended up putting on the mask and attending the secret meeting. – [Matt] And that’s when we found out that they are trying to trap Rebecca. – So clearly it is not safe
here and so we found a top secret location where I’m gonna be spending 24 hours overnight. It’s a tiny hidden space. – So the only people that know where this is, is Rebecca, myself, and Daniel. – First, I need to grab this lockbox. You guys know that the event
is on February 23rd, which is what we’ve been training for
and we’re only one lock away. So if you guys see any clues
on the game master video, please let us know,
we’ve gotta open this up. – [Matt] How many digits is it? – A five digit code. – [Matt] Okay, so we need to look out for at least five numbers. – So I’m gonna put this here,
let’s grab some other stuff. – [Matt] Hold on, I’m gonna
make sure the door is locked in. – So I’m gonna grab my backpack. Gonna bring a jacket,
in case it gets cold. Some merch, in case I wanna change. I’ll probably just sleep in this tonight. A onesie, for pajamas. – [Matt] You love onesies! – I know. – [Matt] Okay. – Let’s see. Let’s grab a few items. For make up. I need a little bit! Okay, and now most importantly,
we’re gonna get spy gadgets because we’re
gonna set up surveillance. Oh, and I’m gonna need
a sleeping bag, Matt. – [Matt] Oh okay, it’s in the garage. – Spy gadgets. Here we go. – [Matt] Ohh! – Because you can’t fit
in the room with me, the room is so tiny,
let’s have you have that. – [Matt] Okay. – So we can communicate if
anything happens, I know you can open the door but we might
need to hide the door, so no one can even see it or get into it. – [Matt] Very good point. – I don’t know if there’s gonna
be any type of clues coming but, always a blacklight
and a flashlight, headlamp. – [Matt] Oh, and this thing too, this is actually is a metal detector. It allows you to check to see if there’s any bugs in the house. – I think I’m all packed. Wait, hold on, forgot one thing! I need snacks! – [Matt] Oh! – This will hold me over. Then hopefully you can grab me some food. You gotta have your snacks. Alright, let’s grab the rest
of this stuff in the garage. Did you see any drones Matt? – [Matt] I haven’t heard anything yet. – Same sleeping bag I used when I spent 24 hours in the car overnight. This sleeping bag is getting a lot of use on these 24 hour challenges. Matt, can you grab some slime supplies? – [Matt] Yeah, that’s good. – Cause I might get bored in there. – So we are heading to the
top secret location right now, we are keeping this a secret
because we can’t let anybody, especially the quadrant
know exactly where we’re at. We need to protect Rebecca, that’s why we’re keeping the location 100% a secret. – We just can’t take the risk at all. Okay, so we are almost there. There’s so much snow. I don’t think anyone saw us. Hurry! – [Rebecca] Okay. Do you have the key? – [Matt] Get in, get in. – Hello? You guys might think this is just a normal room, but look at this. This is the secret hidden room. – [Matt] It’s super tiny in there. – It’s so tiny, but at
least I’ll be able to hide from the quadrants
so I don’t get trapped. There. – [Matt] It’s like kinda like
organize yourself in there. – I’m gonna give you guys
a room tour right now. This is the room, look Matt! What do you think those wires are for? – [Matt] What? So like, hacking wires. – [Rebecca] Okay, well they’re clearly cut off so I think we’re okay. – [Matt] Do you think you
have everything you need? – I think you can take the sleeping bag. – [Matt] Really? – Yeah, because I have this. I wanna like, use some
space though Matt so. – [Matt] Okay, thanks baby. – Look, so put these like,
on top of the washer and dryer just for now while I
do this 24 hour challenge. – [Matt] Done, I’ll do that right now. You wanna keep one? – Not right now, no. We have to set up all the spy camera. Okay, Matt, do you wanna
check the cabin and debug it? – [Matt] You got it. – I’m gonna get set up here. – [Matt] Okay. I’m gonna see if it works. Give me something metal. Okay. I’m gonna go start checking
out the place, okay? – Okay. – [Matt] This is kinda like a house tour. Usually the bugs are in the plants. Looks like everything’s okay there. Maybe in the couch. Oh! Okay, it’s a metal stove. Look at this giant bean bag chair! Oh, if it’s only getting metal I don’t see where there would be any bug. It looks like we’re all safe here Bec. – So the downstairs is
completely unbugged, which is good cause that’s where I’m at. I just laid out all of our
spy equipment and then- – [Matt] And slime! – Some supplies. Still got the food. But, I’m gonna keep it there
so I don’t eat it all at once. – [Matt] This kinda reminds me of the 24 hours in the tiny place above? – Oh, up at the house? – [Matt] Yeah. – Yeah, where we found
the giant Hatchimal. – [Matt] Exactly. – Yeah, but this is even tinier. Would you guys rather stay in the room above our garage, you know that room? Or this? – [Matt] I probably would rather do this. – This? – [Matt] Even though it can be- I like to lay out flat and you
can’t really do that in here. – You definitely can’t. But, I think it’s okay because when I sleep, I can just sleep like this. – [Matt] There’s a little hook over here that you can hang your bag on. – This is what I need to do
after that battle royale. – Do we have the hidden camera? – [Matt] Yes, let me go
and grab that from my bag. – Matt, you ready to set this up? – [Matt] Yeah. Okay, here’s the spy
camera that I brought. A GoPro, okay? – We will be able to know if anyone’s in here, especially when I’m sleeping. – [Matt] Right there, okay. If they come in, you’ll
know and you can see it. – We’ll have this set up. We should set them up right here. – [Matt] Right on the outside. – Yeah. – [Matt] Alright, so I’m
gonna set up on here. Let’s go ahead and turn on the laser here. – [Rebecca] So I’m in here right now. – [Matt] Anytime anybody opens it. Boom, you can tell
exactly what’s going on. Kinda wake you right up. – So while Matt is here,
we’re gonna keep that off. But if he leaves and goes to any other room, we’re gonna turn it on. Also, there is a bathroom
right over there. If I absolutely need to go, I’m
gonna go in 2 minutes and be back here as fast as I can,
that is the only reason that I will be leaving this tiny
space the next 24 hours. And I’ve got activity! And I have my phone, I’ve
got a laptop, I’m good! Okay, so smash the thumbs-up
button right now if you guys think I’m going to complete
this overnight challenge. Matt, do you think I’m going to? – [Matt] I sure hope so! – Okay, I hope so too. Let me know right now if you would do this challenge, some people
don’t like tiny spaces. The next thing we need to do is call our cameraman, Daniel, who’s
in our control room. We need to figure out what the
next step of our training is. – Alright we’re FaceTiming him right now. – Hey Daniel! – Hey what’s up buddy? – Hey guys. – So I’m here in the top secret
location and I’m gonna be spending the next 24 hours in
this tiny room, look at it. – Oh, perfect. – Just like we talked about. – Yeah, I told the game master that you would be there hiding out to stay safe. – The game master? – Wait, what? Why’d you tell the game master? – No no no no, no, it’s good. He’s gonna be sending you
a supply drop very soon. – A supply drop? To help us? – Here? – Daniel, we didn’t want
the game master to know, we didn’t want to know
because if it leaks, the quadrant is gonna
come and try to trap me. – Yeah, what if the quadrant
is hacking the game master? – It’s okay, he’ll be sending it soon. Just keep an eye out on your porch. – Okay, we’ll keep an eye out and have you found anything on the
surveillance cameras? – Uh, no. I haven’t seen anything yet. – Okay Daniel, well let us
know if you see anything at all, I’m gonna be spending the next 24 hours here in this
tiny room as you know. – Yes, we need to protect
Rebecca and keep her safe. – Will do, talk soon. – Alright, we’ll talk soon. Bye. – Alright, so it looks like we’re gonna get a supply drop soon? – Yeah, ZamFam, comment below what you think is going to be in that supply drop. He said it’s suppose to happen soon- The porch, I can’t go out. – Okay, I got it. – Okay. – [Matt] Some , let me grab it. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh! – [Matt] It’s a small one. – What do you thinks inside? – [Matt] Well, at least it sounds like more than a note this time. – Well, if the game
master knows I’m doing a 24 hour challenge, maybe it’s something to help me with the challenge. – [Matt] I wish Daniel
didn’t say the location. – I know. We didn’t want anyone knowing that I was gonna be spending the next 24 hours here. Do you guys trust Daniel? Comment below if you trust Daniel. Matt, do you? – [Matt] I think we have to at this point. – We do. It’s a blue mixture. There’s a note. Okay. It says, “Unfortunately,
you broke the last of my truth potion, but you already
have one of the ingredients for the mixture. Here
is another, stay safe.” Okay, ZamFam, you guys remember when we dropped the giant Hatchimals. We are trying to transport them out of my apartment without the quadrant knowing. We accidentally put the
wrong Hatchimal on the parachute and what broke
was the truth potion, Matt. – [Matt] Okay, so that
was the truth potion. – But he said we already
have one of the ingredients. Oh, by the tree house! That little vile met,
do we have that here? – [Matt] Um, you know
it’s back at the cabin. – It’s at the cabin? If that’s a mixture for
the truth potion and this is another one, we
just need to figure out what other ingredients we need
and we can recreate it. – [Matt] We’ve made it before,
so it shouldn’t be that hard. – We just have to figure
out the instructions. Okay, so I had an idea
that I wanted to put all of the clues up on
this wall over here. But I don’t really have
supplies, so Matt’s gonna go get supplies and I thought
I would FaceTime some of you guys while he
goes and does that, okay? – Alright. – Bye Matt! – [Matt] Good luck, I’m
gonna lock you in okay? – I’m fine! Hi! – [Girl 1] Hi! – How are you? Hi to the video. – [Girl 1] Hey! – Bye! I’m not really supposed to
talk about exactly where I am so I’m just saying
a top secret location. – [Girl 2] Oh my gosh I can’t believe I’m on FaceTime with you! – Aw! Emily, nice to meet you! Well, you are on a video which
will be coming out soon too! So, I can’t say what room I’m in but I’ll just say it’s very small. Look at her filter, she’s so cute. Okay you guys, so that was so much fun. So in order for the quadrant
not to know I was filming this 24 hour challenge, I’m
posting on my social media clips that I’ve already filmed so that they have no idea that I’m here right now. I know you guys are able to
see the game master videos and you’ve helped us so many times
so, we’re gonna figure out- – [Matt] Hey! – Oh, perfect timing. Ah, Matt’s back! – [Matt] Okay, I’ve got all
the supplies you asked for. – Okay, so I have a poster board, which I’m gonna try to hang up. I think, if I put it right here. Right now, I’m gonna comment
some of the clues that you guy have given us and things
that we’ve seen in our video to help figure
out the event day. The event is happening,
supposedly February 23rd. That is this week, that’s coming up. We’re gonna discernment if
the event is real or fake. – [Matt] How are we
gonna decide this though? – Well, right now I’m gonna put RZ twin. Said it was, right? – [Matt] Said it was fake. – But, she hacked into my
video and tried to cover it up. The game master sent us to
Hawaii to find the date. However, RZ twin was spying on us. Why would she be spying on us? – [Matt] Maybe she would be helping us. – Exactly. And that makes me think
that it might be real. Also, Matt, there have been drones flying around wherever we go. So let’s do that. ZamFam, you remember when
I confronted the RZ twin in the snow and she said
she was helping us and the game master said
that she was on his team, but I think at some point she switched. And she might be working for the quadrant. “RZ twin working for quadrant”? So, now let’s figure
out some clues that we have solved with your as
his help in the ZamFam. “The GM has a rogue agent”. – [Matt] Rogue kinda means that they’re acting on their own actions right now. – Yeah, like they’re going against what the GM network wants to do. Another thing you guys
have helped us solve is all of the combinations on the lockbox. – [Matt] Except for one. – We have one left you guys. Also, you guys and Daniel told
us that there is an important spy gadget in the lockbox, which we would not have known about. And we have no idea what’s
gonna be inside but we think it might be for the event, which makes me think the event is real. You guys also let me know that
the RZ twin had hacked into my video and deleted it,
because the game master told you guys, so thank you to all of you guys that were commenting and letting me know that. And finally, the biggest
clue is the event location. If the event wasn’t happening,
how was there a location? You guys showed it to me, it looks like a house of some sort. – [Matt] Yeah, it looks like
a pink house or something. – So now we have most of the
info on this board, if I left out any important clues or
riddles, comment them down below. Now it’s time to have some
fun, I have not made slime yet. So now, I will make some slime! – [Matt] Noo! – So, I’ve got my shaving
cream, I’ve got glue, Matt’s getting a bowl and spoon
for me and then a container. And I have contact
solution for my activator. I think I’m going to make blue slime because it’s the only dye I have. I forgot to pack other dyes! So Matt can’t fit so, you see him out there, he’s just hanging out. – It’s a room for one! – Now, we’re adding in blue! Dot dot dot. Okay, activator time. You guys, my slime is
failing and I have no glue, I’m gonna have to fix
this when I get home. I won’t be making slime in this
24 hour challenge after all. I think if, Matt, what if
you hold this container and I just pour it in and
then I can fix it later. – Wait, hold on hold on. We have the mixture. – Yeah? – Yeah, there’s stuff
from the game master. – Yeah. – Last time we had that, it’s like a glass container and it broke remember? Maybe we should put it inside
of this, this is plastic, it would be able to hold the mixture, I think it’s more
important than your slime. – True. – Right? – That’s actually a really
good point you guys, when we dropped the giant Hatchimal, we dropped the last of the truth potion, so. – Let me go ahead, I’m gonna
switch this over and save this. Have to get this right here. It is so fragile, look it kinda broke a little bit when it came down. We need every drop of this. A little bit icy and a storm. This is really bad slime. Okay. Alright, so here’s the slime
that Rebecca did not make correctly but hopefully she can fix this when we get to where we’re gonna go. But obviously, this is the
most important, this is the mixture that the game master
has dropped on the supply drop, so we need to keep this safe
inside of this container. Alright, so here’s what
we have right here. – This is all you could save! – [Matt] I know! – We have no other containers, so. – [Matt] Okay, so let’s put that safe, go ahead and put that in the backpack. – I know, it’s like,
we’ll just put it here. Oh my gosh, my hands are blue! Alright, where should we put the mixture. I’ll just put it in my
backpack so we don’t forget it. – [Matt] Yeah, that’s a good idea. – So, before we do anything
else, I have to use the restroom again, I have 2
minutes to use the restroom. I think that actually
might be perfect time for me to also change into my onesie. – [Matt] Are you getting hungry at all? – I am, yeah, what do you wanna order? – [Matt] Maybe like
some pizza or something? – Yeah yeah, order pizza right
now while I quickly change. Matt’s gonna keep a timer on me. – [Matt] Yeah, do you
want a drink or anything? – A drink? No, we have water! I’m drinking healthy for the new year! Alright, are you gonna start time? – [Matt] Yep, timer’s going
and it starts in 3, 2, and 1. – Okay! – [Matt] Time’s going. – I’m gonna change using the bathroom. – A minute 43! So I’m just ordering up some
pizza right now, luckily there is a place that’s pretty close
to here that does deliver so. Awesome, we are ordered up. Should be here shortly. Rebecca you better hurry up! You have a minute left. – That was the fastest. I dropped my sweatshirt,
I need that as a pillow. – [Matt] Get it get it, you gotta get it. – Okay. I made it! I think I’m gonna go on my phone. Just check my Insta. – [Matt] Can you lay down, have you tried to lay down in there? What’s it gonna be like? – I don’t know, let’s see. – [Matt] I’m kinda curious. – I’m trying to think. Maybe if I lay like this. Or I could like, sleep on
my pillow or on my backpack. Oh this isn’t actually bad. – [Matt] Can you stay
like that the whole night? – I mean, I have to, I have no choice. You can do anything you put your mind to. Alright now, I’m actually
pretty warm in this. Did you hear that? – [Matt] Is that the food? – That was fast – [Matt] Super fast. What was that? Rebecca you okay? – [Rebecca] Yeah, why? – [Matt] Um, nothing, I’m gonna go upstairs, I thought I heard something. – [Rebecca] You did? – [Matt] Yeah. – [Rebecca] Okay, just be careful. – [Matt] Okay, maybe shut the door. Shut the door, yeah, yeah, exactly. Okay, I’ll be back. – [Rebecca] Okay, be safe alright? – Alright, so I heard a noise, so I’m gonna go check it out upstairs right now. Start with this first door right here. I guess there isn’t anything here. Looks just like a normal bedroom. Okay, I don’t think I’ve
seen anything yet, so. Alright, so it looks like the coast is clear, I’m gonna head back downstairs. It must’ve been just like,
a noise from like a storm. Pizza is here! – [Rebecca] Matt? – [Matt] Pizza! Yeah? – Who was upstairs, was there anything? – [Matt] No, I couldn’t find anything. – Oh, maybe it was like the
wind or something driving by. – [Matt] We didn’t order any drinks right? – No, did you? – [Matt] There’s some out there. – Oh. – [Matt] Let me go grab them, hold on. It’s like a couple sodas? – Okay, I’ll have it. I mean, I’m trying to, you
know, drink healthy but if they messed up and gave
us it, um, I’ll take it. – [Matt] Okay, let me put the camera up. – Alright. – [Matt] You’re getting cozy! – I know, I just pulled the blanket down! I’m trying to drink healthy,
we should have water but. It kinda tastes weird. – Yeah, has like, a little aftertaste but, I haven’t had soda in so long, so. Cheers! I haven’t had pizza in so long. – You guys comment below
your favorite pizza topping. I like plain cheese, that’s like my jam. What about your Matt? – Pepperoni. But, I got cheese because you like cheese. – Aw, you could’ve gone half and half! – I’m a little tired. – Tired? – Yeah, it’s been a long day. I think I might go to bed. – Really? – Yeah. – You know what, I’m tired too. – Alright, I’m gonna hit the bed. – Okay, goodnight. – See you. – I don’t know why, I’m
getting kinda tired too. I haven’t put the pizza away. I feel really tired really fast. Daniel’s calling, I’ll call him back. Ugh, camera’s still on. Daniel’s FaceTiming? Hey Daniel. – Good, Rebecca, did you just wake up? – Yeah, I’ve been here overnight. I think I fell asleep last night, I don’t really remember what went on. – Are you alright? I’ve been trying to call you, like all night. – What? – The game master told me that the RZ twin found out your location. – What? – Yeah, she’s trying to get the mixture. – She’s trying to get the mixture? Matt! Matt wake up! The board’s missing! Okay, Daniel I gotta
go, I’ll call you back! – Okay, stay safe. – Matt. – What’s going on? – Matt, did you see anything last night? – I fell asleep. – ZamFam, look! – [Matt] The board’s gone! – [Rebecca] The board’s gone. The mixture! – [Matt] No wait. We moved it remember? We put the slime in
there, like the bad slime. – The RZ twin must’ve come
last night and taken the board and taken what she
thought was the mixture. – [Matt] Somebody definitely came. – Hold on, how did you not see them Matt? – [Matt] I fell asleep, I
don’t know, I sleep in hard. – Me too, I got so tired. – [Matt] You still have it? – It’s still here! – [Matt] Yes! – The RZ twin took the blue
slime, she thought it was this! – [Matt] It’s not even good slime. Bec, look at this. It’s snowing outside. – We need to get back to the
cabin and figure out if there’s anymore training that we
need because right now, I am thinking the event that’s happening on February 23rd is real. I’m definitely trusting the
game master because, RZ twin is coming and looking for
something, there’s something here that we have that she
doesn’t want us to have it. Alright. It feels good! Oh my god! If you guys thought I would make it, let me know in the comment section. – [Matt] Bec, I just got
a message from your DM. – What does it say? – Okay, hold on. We need to get back to the
house, there’s more training. – More training for the event? – Yup – And you know what else
I think we need to do, we need to get to the lab
to make the truth potion! – Yes, we have two of the ingredients now. – Yes, if we can figure out
the other ones, then we can figure it out and be ready
for the event between the training and finding that
out, I think we can defeat the quadrant on the event date you guys and stop whatever is going to happen. Alright you guys, we
will see you back in our cabin on the “Matt and Rebecca” channel.

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